online socializing instead of being social…

There are many merits of being linked to numerous amounts of social networks. We all have these social platforms to help us connect, build networks and express or publish our opinions.

When I hear about people who aren’t connected to Facebook or social channels I am shocked. Is this because I am around this all day and it has become a communication preference. Why would a person of my generation not be interacting online? So many of us are digitally connected that I find it difficult to engage people when I can’t do it in a space, like Facebook or Twitter, where I have become so accustomed to sending an event invite or DM. It is so much easier to stay in touch on these channels and I find myself naturally losing connections with people who aren’t playing in the same place. It may also be a normal part of life that as people grow and, in my case, have influences around me from my work environment, I am adopting these cultures faster than friends who aren’t exposed.

At social occasions, we spend our time online via our mobile, engaging in Twitter-speak, in real time of course, uploading pictures, commenting on surroundings, and checking in when we should be enjoying the company of others. Are we online at the expense of those around us? Do we need to become more sociable and less Social Media?

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About Kell

I am a Scrum Master, or a Product Owner when the hat needs wearing. Working at a Digital Communications Agency, messing with Social, Mobile and Traditional Media. I love to run but don't get my legs moving often enough. But, hand me a pair of ski's (and some snowy slopes of course) and you won't see me for days!

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