scrum at a social media agency

When I joined Cerebra I was introduced to an agile process project management framework called Scrum. What I learnt trying to integrate Scrum is that, while the concept is simple, it isn’t as easily adopted and implemented. With ongoing attempts to integrate this into our teams, I have found that it takes perseverance, constant focus on the end goal and a lot of learning.

Scrum, as defined by the ScrumAlliance is an innovative approach to getting work done. It was originally formalised for software development projects and the evidence of how well this works is seen on a daily basis within our development team. Scrum provides a platform for people to work together effectively and relentlessly makes visible any problem that gets in their way. This way of working is based upon values of self-respect, respect for others, trust and courage.

One of my key challenges has been to apply the process to “non-development” teams – our content and community managers. Scrum’s foundation is built on the ability to be agile and adapt to any situation, so I have worked towards finding a way to ‘inspect’ and ‘adapt’ the process to find the value and appeal for the content team. Even though Scrum is designed to break down complex tasks, we have found huge value in collaborative daily stand up’s to promote overall quality and performance for all types of work. The team is able to support each other and find solutions to obstacles before they get in the way.

The things I have learnt on this path is that it definitely takes an invested team for the process to be effective. The roles people play are integral to success and everyone has to respect the process and understand why and how it can help. Only then are you able to start to see the benefits. What I have discovered, with much learning, tweaking and searching for quick alternatives, is that Scrum will work. It is not an overnight solution but a journey that you grow with every step of the way.

Watch this video to gain brief insight into some of the principles of Scrum.


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